Build Your Personal Brand w/ Julie Broad

We at the Mr Hamilton Team are extremely excited to announce our new podcast called The Truth About Real Estate Investing and we are super excited to have Julie Broad as our first guest.

Julie ( is an Amazon #1 Best Selling Author and International Book Award winner, recipient of the Top 20 under 40 award for Vancouver Island (2014), a successful entrepreneur, recognized real estate investor, and a popular speaker and workshop trainer. She’s been speaking on stages large and small across Canada since 2009, sharing her simple and strategic systems for having more impact & influence in your life and business.

She’s appeared as a guest on numerous news programs including CTV, Global TV, DayTime Ottawa and CFax 1070 and featured in publications such as Yahoo!Canada, Ottawa Citizen, Toronto Sun and The Vancouver Province. She is also a regular contributing writer for Canadian Real Estate Wealth’s Magazine.

She’s an expert on helping people who aren’t naturally born to sell get results, make an impact and ultimately make more money (for their company and for themselves!). Sharing proven techniques for better communication, productivity and persuasion, Julie always leaves people inspired, excited and with clear steps to take action immediately.


In this episode, we learn Julie’s lessons on starting with just $16,000 in 2001 to becoming a real estate millionaire and, more importantly, to living a comfortable, relaxed lifestyle. Real estate investing is not all roses and Julie shares her stories from the trenches, including investing in what became a crack house. Julie talks to the importance of building a brand and shares stories of success.  As someone who’s worked hard to build a brand myself, I can personally attest to the importance of having an established brand in order to attract investors.

We also dig into fitness regimes, books, and habits that allow Julie to stay at the top of her game. Just this morning I borrowed Julie’s morning ritual of drinking a glass of water with a “greens” powder followed by a second glass of water and I felt terrific afterwards! If you want to be elite, then adopt the same habits as the elite – it’s that simple… and here is our show!!  Might I suggest downloading the podcast to your mobile device and listening while driving or commuting? That’s what I do as I love the quality of content from podcasts vs. anything on the radio, and it’s educational.

Download as an MP3 by clicking here and choosing “save as”

Show Notes: details contained in the show but I’ve typed them all here so you don’t have to memorize or write them down:

The Brand Evolution Boot Camp: Build Your Personal Brand by Julie Broad.

Julie’s Book More Than Cashflow:

Julie’s real estate website pronounced “revenue” :

8 People Just Like You Who Made $1 Million: down to #4 Julie Broad and Dave Peniuk invested in real-estate.

In this episode we cover dozens of topics, lessons and stories, many I haven’t heard before including:

  • How she started investing to become a real estate millionaire
  • Her early mistakes, including investing in what became a crack house and pleading guilty to Fire Code violations
  • A second book on the way
  • The importance of personal branding and how it makes investors/entrepreneurs successful
  • Books she recommends everyone read

I hope you enjoyed our show!! If you have any feedback or know anyone you would like to have on as a guest, let me know!

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