$100 Million Portfolio To Almost Broke, The Myth of More, RRSP Secrets with Greg Habstritt

Have you been following the Raptors? Secretly, I’m hoping all the hoopla ends soon so my early to bed lifestyle can get back to normal. 🙂

Speaking of Raptors, my all time favourite Raptor player, Vince Carter, has some kind words to share about our upcoming Wealth Hacker Conference:

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🙏🙏Thank you to Vince for the shoutout! . 💯iWIN’s Wealth Hacker Conference tickets go on sale to those registered for our waitlist at www.wealthhacker.ca in less than 48 hours!! (Noon Thursday to be exact!). Early 🐤bird priced tickets in limited quantities to those registered 24 hours before we broadcast Grant Cardone’s first public event in Canada in a long time! Mr 10X himself. For those registered, watch your email at noon Thursday especially if you want VIP access to meet Grant Cardone and have your picture with him. Event is November 9th, 2019. Toronto Congress Center. Learn from the best Wealth Hackers I know to learn the fastest path to success. If you’re not registered, expect to pay more or instead register at: Www.wealthhacker.ca 🦖 in 6ix. Link in bio

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On November 9th, 2019 at the Toronto Congress Center we, along with Grant Cardone, will be sharing the best secrets of the rich including:

    • 10X mindset
    • Six figure income, 15 mins per day, options trading from your phone
    • Earning income passively like the bank, better returns and more stable than the stock market, by private lending
    • Investing in real estate: apartment buildings, raising capital, AirBnb, student rentals, accessory apartments, land development
  • And so much more, as we confirm more Wealth Hacker experts who do, no theory BS

Tickets are on sale now at: www.wealthhacker.ca and don’t delay, prices are going up and if you want VIP, we only have 100 of them and they will sell out first.

www.wealthhacker.ca if you’re interested in the best side hustle and income replacement opportunities.

$100 Million Portfolio To Almost Broke, The Myth of More, RRSP Secrets with Greg Habstritt

This week’s guest, after a four-five year hiatus from the public spotlight, is Greg Habstritt.

Greg has spoken on many of the biggest stages in the world of entrepreneurship, including 10X for T Harv Ecker, Dan Kennedy’s Super Conference, plus hosting his on his own stage: Sir Richard Branson (Virgin), Dali Lama, Stephen Covey (author of 7 Habits of Highly Effective People), Brendan Burchard.

Prior to 2010, every attendee to entrepreneur or real estate workshops and related social media knew and admired Greg, then he gave it all up. He’s here sharing his truths about real estate investing, including amassing a portfolio of over $100 million to almost going broke twice, why he gave up his coaching business, and his current focus.

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Till next time, just do it because I believe in you.
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