Greetings, my fellow Wealth Hackers!!

Ski season came and is almost over! LOL

I bought new ski boots in December to replace the ski boots I’ve been using since high school, so they’re over 20 years old. Yes, I’m that frugal. That same weekend, the ski season was canceled, along with our ski trip vacation plans. 

Fast forward to this past weekend, Hidden Valley Ski resort up north called us back to let us know they were open. Cherry jumped on ski lessons for everyone but me, so the kids got lessons both Saturday and Sunday and Cherry got one lesson as well.

We bought all used equipment for our kids last year except for helmets as we like to save money on stuff, but where I don’t cheap out on is education, including ski lessons.

Whenever I’ve cheaped out on education, it’s come back to bite me so many times.  

Staying with the skiing example, when I first tried to snowboard as a university student, I rented a snowboard. For anyone who’s tried to learn snowboarding, my story was no different.  I fell hard and often.  I probably was close to a concussion, having seen stars after smacking my head on the ground, and I broke my wrist while attempting to break my fall.

Fast forward to the present, I’m more experienced, likely less wise thanks to the hits to the head, and have a bit more money in my pocket thanks to real estate and stock hacking, so everyone gets lessons but me.

The novice investor tries to learn independently with no coach or mentor or, sometimes worse, free advice.  

I’ve seen it a million times; friends of mine will pay for rep hockey for their kids, spending 10s of thousands each year but won’t take a $5,000 course from me nor hire one of my coaches who are licensed Realtors that will teach them and provide their family regular cash flow and build wealth.

To each their own.

But here’s a quick story to share, I hosted a virtual meetup last night for all Stock Hackers, where over 200 attended.  

At the end of the night, I randomly asked past students how their Stock Hacking has gone.  The answers varied from 40-50% ROI over the past 12 months.

Not too shabby.  We may be beginners, but we’re beating a lot of the most expensive money managers in the world.  No different than us real estate investors.

Speaking of real estate, I just got off the Zoom with Stephen from Meridian Credit Union to talk about his upcoming presentation on the morning of Saturday, March 27th, where he’s going to share how one may purchase properties in a corporation and not have the mortgage appear on one’s personal credit.  IMHO, this is the best strategy for those who want to own multiple properties, more properties than one’s own personal credit can afford.

Meridian also finances student rentals, so I look forward to learning more about their program!

We will also have on hand Andy Tran of Suite Additions to share the latest on backyard suites.  That’s the term I made up for a self-contained apartment for a family to live in located in a backyard.  Backyard suites may very well be the final frontier for major value adds to an investment property to maximize rental income.  

You don’t want to miss Andy’s latest updates on where to buy these properties and how to execute them.

Anyone on my email list receives updates on our events plus when new podcast episodes come out.  All you need to do is go to

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Hope to see you at the monthly iWIN Real Estate Networking meeting!! FYI all ticket proceeds go to charity.

On to this week’s show!

From Not Knowing One’s Own Parents To Immigrating from Scotland to China, to Canada, Leaving Corporate and Buying Duplexes with Tony Cheung

This week we have one of our clients, Tony Cheung, who recently moved to Canada from China, so his two young kids may have more opportunities. 

Tony’s journey here has not been the smoothest: from being just born, then being raised by his grandmother while his parents moved without Tony to a different country for opportunity, from growing up working in the family Chinese take-out restaurant in small-town Scotland, working a difficult corporate job with long hours to investing in houses with basement apartments for long-term wealth.

Just another friendly reminder we live in the greatest country in the world.

Please enjoy the show!

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