Happy new year wealth hackers!

Yes, I know it’s February but it’s Chinese New Year as my family calls it. Happy lunar new year to everyone else celebrating the same calendar.

This year is the year of the ox … It kind of looks like a bull which would be appropriate for what we wealth hackers are experiencing – a bumper year!

Real estate is on fire if you bought right: the stuff everyone wants, not just what there’s tons of supply of.

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A close friend of mine who’s a French teacher, messaged me asking if she should join Cherry’s free demonstration of Stock Hacking. I told her I can’t recommend it enough, these are historic times with all the stimulus money being injected into the financial markets.

The US in particular is planning a 1.9 trillion dollar stimulus plan to try and get the economy back to normal.

I don’t know what the new normal will look like but printing more money will devalue the dollar, drive up prices of hard assets and with interest rates so low, the smart money doesn’t want to hold cash hence the smart money will invest in hard assets like Elon Musk’s company Tesla, who just purchased $1.5 billion worth of Bitcoin.

I’ll continue to be strategic and invest in hard assets like real estate and Bitcoin and I’ll Stock Hack for cash flow.

On the good news front, we at Stocker Hacker Academy are happy to announce that we are making a $10,000 donation to the Hamilton Basket Brigade.  Only the 2nd five-figure donation in the history of the charity.

My corporate trading account belongs to the corporation that operates Stock Hacker Academy and in January, Cherry and I decided to donate 20% of our corporate trading profits. 

As we grow Stock Hacker Academy and help more hard working Canadians create a cash flowing side hustle, we will re-invest the company profits and make regular donations to the charity.

The $10,000 will allow us to outfit about 100 underprivileged boys and girls of Hamilton with a winter coat, boots, hats, mitts and a hoodie.

This is the greatest country in the world however it’s darn cold and I get upset when I hear about children showing up to school in worn-out shoes or refugee children without a winter coat. 

Real estate for wealth.

Stock Hacking for cash flow.

To learn for free how we invest for our children using the #1 investment strategy, learn more at www.investortraining.ca.

To learn how my friend Joel, 32 years old from North Bay, Ontario with no prior experience was able to cash flow $400 per month on just $10,000, we have only one more free demonstration planned on Feb 25th, 8 pm EST.

Please register at www.stockhackeracademy.ca/demo 

On to this week’s show!

Retiring From A Government Job To Full Time Invest in Windsor and Stock Hack with Joe Morden

This week we have Joe Morden who recently retired from his sweet paying government/union job to invest in Windsor real estate and Stock Hacking to make a living, but more importantly to spend a lot more time with his wife and three children.

Joe shares the networks he belongs to help him on his journey, some of his numbers for his flips and duplex conversions and what life is like retiring from the career he’s had for over a decade.

I give you Joe Morden.

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Before you go, if you’re interested in being a successful real estate investor like those who have been featured on this podcast and our hundreds of successful clients please let us know.

It is our honour to give back and educate others on how we build cash flowing real estate portfolios using all the best practices shared on this podcast, from the lessons of our hundreds of clients and of course our own experience in owning investment real estate.

If you didn’t know already, we pride ourselves on being the best of the best real estate coaches, having the best property managers, contractors, handy people, cleaners, lawyers, accountants, everyone you need on your power team and we’re happy to share them with our clients to ensure your success. 

New investor or seasoned veteran investor, we can help anyone by providing our award winning coaching services and this isn’t all talk.

We have been awarded Realtor of the Year to Investors in 2015 by the Real Estate Investment Network, 2016 by the Canadian Real Estate Wealth Magazine and again in 2017 because no one told the judges no one is supposed to win the award twice but on merit, our peers deemed us as the best.  In 2018, we again won the same award by the Real Estate Investment Network.

Hopefully being the most decorated team of Realtors in Ontario will make you consider us for your first or next real estate investment.  Even if you don’t invest in our areas, there’s a good chance I know who would be ideal for you. 

I’ve been around for a while, some Realtors are talented at servicing investors there are many with great ethics.  The intersection of the two, talent and ethics is limited to a handful in each city or town.

Only work with the best is what my father always taught me.  If you’re interested, drop us an email at iwin@infinitywealth.ca.

I hope to meet you at one of our meetups soon.

Again that’s iwin@infinitywealth.ca

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Till next time, just do it because I believe in you.


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