Investing Pre Foreclosure: Local Canadian Flips US Mortgages With Chad Urbshott

Howdy Y’all From Texas! 170 Local Canadian’s learnt about how to cash flow in the USA the easy way. Advanced, full time investing in foreclosures and mortgage notes in the USA from Canada including expert level strategies that capitalized on the 2007-2010 Financial Crisis. All this and more on today’s Truth About Real Estate Show!

My name is Erwin Szeto, host of this podcast and 350+ episodes since 2016 and I want say thank you to everyone who braved the storm to attend our US investing workshop on Saturday. Thank you to Zoom so we could include all our friends from all over the country to learn more about what I consider the best practice for Canadians to invest directly into real estate for most people, most of the time and will form the next chapter for my family’s investment portfolio.

Thank you to my friends at SHARE the asset manager who will form my one stop shop to acquire and manage the property managers for my properties across the sunbelt states. 

Thank you to Lendcity who shared how financing in the USA is ten times easier than it is here for income properties.  That should be music to the ears of all self employed people who don’t report much income or anyone with bruised credit.  Financing is partly easier as it’s easier to find properties that have positive cash flow and no rent control.

Investing Pre Foreclosure: Local Canadian Flips US Mortgages With Chad Urbshott

This week we have professional, full time investor Chad Urbshott who lives in near me in Oakille, Ontario but he’s been investing in the US since 2013 and doing so remotely from Canada. He’s tried pretty much all the small residential investing strategies, fix and flip, wholesale but found his niche by specializing in U.S. mortgage notes

Chad discusses his journey and strategies in the complex field of note investing. He emphasizes the importance of thorough due diligence, explains various aspects of note investing, and shares his experiences, including the challenges and rewards of this niche market.

I know I’ve talked a lot about about boring investing on this show so I wanted to offer you my listener the other extreme for those who want a full time strategy that’s worked for someone as talented as Chad.  Note his returns, risks, effort, and please take lots of notes. I’m sure for some of you, you will want to listen to this more than once.

You can find Chad on social media by searching his name Chad Urbshott or his website:

Please enjoy the show!


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